This is a membership portal for our Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold and Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro. Anyone who has purchased a PDA Gold & PPWP Pro license has access to this membership site.

Membership Information

How do I upgrade my membership?

Simply drop us a support ticket to upgrade your membership plan.

You'll be able to upgrade your membership plan directly on your account dashboard in the near future.

How do I get a lifetime membership?

Membership plans are only available as an annual subscription. If you cancel your subscription then you can keep using the extensions until the membership license expires, but won’t receive any future updates or support.

How do I cancel my membership subscription/renewal?

You can cancel your subscription either via our 3rd-party payment vendor, i.e. SendOwl account, or your payment provider, e.g log into your PayPal account and cancel the automatic billing.

Note that once your membership subscription is canceled, you can still use the extensions until the license expires, but will no longer have access to our:

  • Facebook community
  • Membership area
  • Priority Support

I've purchased PDA Gold/PPWP Pro, do I have a membership account?

Yes, you do. Simply follow our tutorial to access your membership account. 

Anyway, you should get a membership on top of your Pro license if you want to save bigs when purchasing multiple extensions and get other membership privileges.

Can I purchase a membership plan without a PPWP Pro license?

No, our membership is built specifically for our existing paid users. You should get our PPWP Pro license first.

Our membership plans do not include any PPWP Pro license.

I've signed up for a Pro membership subscription, what should I do next?

Please log in to your membership area using the account created when you got the PPWP Pro plugin to download your purchased extensions.

What can I do within my membership area?

After signing in to your membership account, you can:

  • View all licenses associated with your email address
  • View detailed information of each license, including activated site URLs
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Download plugins and extensions
  • Change registered site URLs (WIP)

Membership Privileges

How can I get Live chat 1-on-1 support?

  • Go to our chat support - at the bottom right corner of our website
  • Provide your membership order ID and get support from our technical experts

Scope of support:

  • We'll only troubleshoot issues related to our plugins
    • No more than 1 hour at a time; no more than 3 times a month
  • We may arrange one Teamviewer session maximum for server configurations if necessary
  • While we can do minor customizations free of charge,
    • You'll need to request our extended support for major customizations

How do I take advantage of PPWP private community?

Here's what you can do on our Pro private community:

  • Get our live product updates
  • Connect with talented developers, designers, and other like-minded business owners
  • Introduce your own business and case study that make use of our PPWP plugins
  • Raise and discuss any questions related to security, content, or file protection.

How long will my new feature request be implemented?

As our members, your new feature request will be considered and implemented as long as they match our plugin's roadmap and vision. Your requests will be prioritized over other paid or free users.

If selected, your features would usually be developed and released within 1 sprint (around 2 weeks).

How can I access future extensions?

We will inform you about new extensions via email.

Elite members can view and download the extensions under your membership account. Other members can purchase them individually, or simply upgrade your plan to Elite.