June 15, 2019

How to get CloudFront key pairs?

Sign-in to AWS Console with your root account Go to “My Security Credentials” In CloudFront key pairs section, click on Create New Key Pair button. Click on “Download Private Key File” and you should receive a file having the format key-XYZ.pem Fill in your CloudFront key pairs in the CloudFront Configuration with XYZ is Access…

June 13, 2019

URL Validation

Testing cases: Without schema: invalid ( syntax: valid (// www: valid ( Address: valid ( number: valid ( & Local network: invalid (http://localhost, domain and path: valid (http://مثال.إختبار)Resource path with space: invalid ( dasdsad) need to encode URI (

June 13, 2019

Configuration for Testing Purpose

PDA S3 Videos: AWS Key: AKIAUH4U4O2G67ERJP4BAWS Secret: LWr0Jn7GdgGGbku6C09SfjanqoCH4obKXsj5KB+2Access Key ID: APKAIDDPLWOMVMHV7G4ACloudFront URL: http://d3eh7hc94pug82.cloudfront.netRSA KEY: contact thinhnp for more detailsBucket: linh-demoAWS Region: ap-southeast-1 PDA S3: Updating

June 13, 2019

Task Convention for Asana

version 0.0.1 created by: thinhnp This convention inherits from this document and the draft post idea 1-2.Task title format: <Plugin name>: <Task title> If the task related to more than plugins then combining them by |. Example PDA Video S3|PDA S3.Task title: describes shortly which problems the task wants to deal with 3. Task description:…

June 12, 2019

WavePlayer – Love or Hate

This post guides how to test WavePlayer. In order to integrate with WavePlayer, we modified the WavePlayer plugin both front-end and back-end and created a new shortcode pwv_waveplayer. The pwv_waveplayer shortcode contains the following attributes: + url: S3 URL+ is_s3: should be “true”, it means that serving for S3 URL If the peak files are…

June 12, 2019

WavePlayer Integration Guide

WavePlayer is an awesome audio player plugin with a beautiful user interface and nice functions. In order to work properly with our plugin Protect WordPress Videos – S3 hosted files, we need to modify the WavePlayer code base. 1. Replace the modified waveplayer.min.js Replace the waveplayer.min.js ( in folder assets/js 2. Update context option In…

June 9, 2019

Ymese Unit Test Convention

version 0.0.1 created by: thinhnp Library:+ phpunit ( – PHP and WordPress functions mock Folder structure:__dev__/tests/class-folder-name/test-<php-file-name>.php Test class naming: <business-class-name>TestExample: PWV_Constants_Test Test function naming: test_<function>_<condition>_<result>Example: test-get_pwv_cookie_return_right_data GWT pattern: Given – When – Then Region: you can group the test cases for functions by using region#region test-case-1…#endregion